3 Benefits Of Aligning Sales And Marketing In Your Organisation

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It is not uncommon for sales and marketing teams to work in separate silos. However, alignment of these two core functions can actually have a positive impact on your organisation’s bottomline.

1. Deliver Greater Value To Your Customers

Your sales team is constantly communicating and interacting with both existing and prospective customers. This is the perfect time to gather direct feedback, uncovering pain points and the motivation for purchasing a particular product or service. These insights can then be used to refine your product or service offering, ensuring it continuously meets customer needs and wants. By enhancing the value offered, your organisation is more likely to retain its existing customers, as well as attract new ones at the same time.

2. Create Marketing Assets That Help To Close The Sale

In my experience, when sales and marketing teams aren’t effectively aligned, sales reps often struggle to know which collateral they should send to prospects. This means that the content created by the marketing team often goes to waste. By bringing the two functions closer together, you can create assets, such as product sheets and white papers, that your sales reps can use to move prospects quickly along the funnel and to close the deal. As your sales team is working directly with customers, it might be beneficial to involve them in the development of any new content.

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3. Enjoy Higher Retention Rates And Win Rates

Research by Aberdeen Group has shown that when organisations align sales and marketing functions, they enjoy 36% higher customer retention rates and 38% higher win rates.

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