Your Growth Partners

Who We Are

We are strategic and creative thinkers that help you unlock opportunities for brand-led growth

Unlocking Growth

Linking your brand to your customers

Your business has a unique DNA structure. Each strand carries information about your brand's value through to a customer.

If even one of these strands is not aligned to your customers' needs, it can stall your growth. We help you analyse these strands, and strategically align them to stimulate sustainable growth.

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Strategic Partners
Connecting your brand to your customers requires a clear strategy. We get to the heartbeat of your business to assess and advise on how best to achieve that.
Agile Partners
Our clients are located across three continents. We also have direct experience of working within different markets, making us an ideal partner if you’re thinking of taking your brand global.
Growth Partners
We typically partner with businesses over 1,000 days, providing ongoing support and ensuring your long-term success and growth. 
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“You shouldn’t look at this as a cost, you should look at this as an investment. I would say what we’ve gained from this process has been worth what we paid several times over.”

Simon Laing
Founder of CBK Adventures
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“We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Pulse Rooms. We look forward to continuing to work with Andy and Harvey in the future as our brand grows and matures. Thank you both for an outstanding job!”

Abby Traynor
CEO of Acorns
Vaughan Zoutendyk Profile Image

“Harvey has great insight into the big picture strategically and he can see quickly how business, products, customers and markets should fit together.”

Vaughan Zoutendyk
Commercial Head (Education and Training) at Commerce Edge
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“Andrew always offers a creative and innovative approach to brand communication that delivers high impact results.”

Des Kiely
Our Journey

Crossing countries and continents

Our roots are firmly established in the UK and Europe, but the business was first born several thousand miles away at the southern tip of Africa. 

The founding partners came together whilst working with an innovative Swiss tech start-up in the fitness sector. It didn’t take long for the pair to realise how their skill sets complemented one another. They subsequently brought these together and developed a unique value proposition that solves a common challenge - the disjoint between business strategy and brand communications.

The Pulse Rooms was formed with the distinct goal of combining these two elements and helping organisations effectively communicate their brand value.
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Harvey Trent, Founder of The Pulse Rooms

Harvey Trent

Marketing and Growth Strategist

Broad-based marketing and business development leader, communicator and connector at all levels. Global experience with startups and emerging markets. Specialises in developing brand and marketing strategy, market research, product development and global launches.
Andrew Young, Founder of The Pulse Rooms

Andrew Young (Dip CIM)

Brand and Communication Strategist

A multidisciplinary creative brand and communications professional with 10+ years’ global experience in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Specialises in brand and marketing strategy, brand identity and design, and brand communication. 
Our Brand DNA

Three pillars underpinning our approach

People are at the heart of your brand story. We identify and amplify their passion and purpose.
Taking a product or service offering to the market requires a clear strategy to avoid missing the mark. We help you match your value proposition to customer needs and pull it through using the right marketing channels.
We help you to unlock your value and grow your business by integrating strategic thinking and creative design processes.

We partner with organisations locally and nationally to provide access to our services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Geared for growth

What is a Growth Agency?
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Simply put, a growth agency is there to help your business to grow. We aren't just focussed on one aspect of your brand. Instead, taking a holistic view to improve both your traditional and digital approaches to achieve growth. Every strategic move is made with the goal of growing your business.
What does a Growth Agency do?
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A growth agency is dedicated to helping you identify opportunities for growth and supporting you to design and implement the strategy to achieve the desired results.

We focus on delivering value over product, outcomes over output, and collaboration over simply being a supplier.

To achieve growth for your business, we ensure your brand:

• Matches customer wants and needs in the market
• Clearly communicates its value using the right channels
• Is positioned for long-term success
What is your Value Proposition?
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Your Value Proposition is the promise you make to your customers or a specific segment of the market. It needs to:

• Explain how your product or service solves a particular customer need or problem
• Communicate the specific benefits of your product or service
• State why your product or service is better than those offered by your competitors

Having a clear Value Proposition is crucial to business growth.
Why is your Value Proposition important to customers?
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Your Value Proposition helps customers to understand the true value of the products or services that you offer. This eases the decision-making process, moving a customer through to the next stage in your sales funnel.