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What We Do

We grow start-up, scale-up and community organisations by helping them to identify and communicate their brand value


Getting to the heartbeat

Just like a human-being, your organisation has a unique DNA. This is what carries vital information about your brand's value to stakeholders both internally and externally. 

We get to the ‘heartbeat’ of your organisation to understand the current makeup of your brand’s DNA. This involves us talking to your staff, customers, partners and suppliers. They each see your brand in a different light and have something unique to say. 

We also assess the external competitive landscape and determine how best to position your brand in the market. In the end, you’ll be able to confidently showcase your brand's value and the problem it solves for your customers.

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    Brand Audit
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    Brand Story
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    Brand Development
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    Value Proposition Creation
Founders of The Pulse Rooms having a conversation on the sofa
Founders of The Pulse Rooms playing a game of chess

your strategy

Now that you have the right brand story, we work with you to find ways of delivering this to your customers to achieve growth.

Connecting your brand to your customers means putting a unique strategy in place. Whether a start-up or an existing brand, each decision is carefully designed to achieve outcomes that support your goals and take advantage of growth opportunities.

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    Growth Strategy
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    Digital Strategy
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    Marketing Communications Strategy
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    Sales Enablement and Alignment

Communicating through design

Brands are living, breathing organisms that need to be brought to life through visual and verbal expression. The ability to humanise your brand helps you to connect with your customers and achieve the necessary behavioural responses.

Amplifying the right messages and running them through the right channels is key to winning over hearts and minds. We’ll ensure that your messages are delivered with pinpoint accuracy and feed into your overall growth strategy.

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    Brand Identity and Design
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    Graphic Design
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    PR and Copywriting
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    Website Development
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    Video Production
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    Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
Showing a client a logo concept

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